Smarter Together: shaping the city of the future together

Annual Report 2018

Locally embedded, yet with a global perspective: this is the smart city­inspired urban renewal initiative “Smarter Together”. Innovative ideas help to shape the city of the future in co­operation with the people of Vienna’s 11th municipal district Simmering by implementing solutions that set an example for Europe.

Begeisterte Kinder am Simmeringer Forschungsfest

A myriad of great solutions

“Smarter Together” is a smart city project subsidised by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme. 2018 marked the third year of this project. Numerous measures have been implemented, and the project has become Vienna’s international smart city lighthouse activity.

More than 109 workshops and neighbourhood walks, multiple local and international conferences as well as far in excess of 10,000 directly contacted citizens bear witness to the
dynamism of this project.

Beat the treet Siegerbild

Kathrin Gaál

“Smarter Together has evolved into Vienna’s top smart city-inspired urban renewal initiative by offering a myriad of great solutions and innovations for a liveable, eco-friendly and socially sustainable city of the future. I think that Smarter Together is so forward-looking because it connects people, involves the economy, emphasises partnership-based co-
operation of all actors and even enhances the attractiveness of Vienna as an international location”, in the words of the patron of the initiative, City Councillor Kathrin Gaál.

WienMobil in Simmering mit Fahrräder und Zug der Linie 71 im Hintergrund
BWSGG-Wohnhausanlage, saniert, Foto von Zsolt Marton

Innovations for the future

The e-car sharing system for the Hauffgasse estate of the BWSG housing association has met with international interest. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, it also contributes to good-neighbourly communication.

In September 2018, the “WienMobil” station, which bundles several mobility options, was inaugurated in Simmeringer Platz in co-operation with the public transport provider Wiener Linien. It offers a full range from e-bike or car sharing to bike boxes, a charging station, an e-cargo bike and an information screen.

Kirango. In der städtischen Bücherei Simmering wurde heute der Smarter Together Bildungscomputer vorgestellt. © PID-Votava
2 Kids vor Beat-Box, (c) Mobilitätsagentur/Christian Fürthner
SIMmobil in Mestre

A network of excellence

Many international partners were inspired by Vienna’s ideas, while other innovative solutions implemented here were the outcome of European exchange – all in keeping
with the motto “Smarter Together in Europe”. This has resulted in numerous additional activities.

Following a dialogue process with employees, the six electric forklifts at the Siemens Leberstrasse plant were complemented by e-charging stations for small appliances, a “bulk
store” for small components and even two electric lifting trucks for semi-finished carriages, which all contribute significantly to improving both competitiveness and energy balance.

“Beat the Street”, a mobility game that motivates participants to collectively walk thousands of kilometres in the neighbourhood, was a favourite of kids already in 2017. In 2018, thousands of youngsters and their parents again walked and jogged for shared success. This year, the 22nd municipal district Donaustadt joined in as well: after all, a smart city also means healthy and happy kids!

Venice was inspired by Vienna’s “SIMmobil”, a mobile information and participation vehicle, which stopped at numerous neighbourhood events and was used by many local institutions including Science Pool, the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff) or the youth workers of Balu&Du. In Venice-Mestre, an old bus was repainted and repurposed for a similar activity. Sofia (BG) showed interest in integrated mobility solutions, and Santiago de Compostela (E) inquired about energy solutions and efforts to involve tenants.

Gruppenbild mit Frauen- und Wohnbaustadträtin Kathrin Gaál und Julia Girardi-Hoog von Smarter Together
Begeisterte Kinder am Simmeringer Forschungsfest

Joint research activities for kids

Science Pool in Hauffgasse is one of the most important mediators of scientific knowledge in the district. With the support of Smarter Together, the association organised workshops at numerous primary schools. These workshops are designed to stimulate the understanding of future-related issues as well as eco-active behaviour patterns among young children. The idea is to influence behaviour patterns regarding the environment today, not just later, when kids
are older. In September, Smarter Together provided the library of VHS Simmering (a community education centre) with a high-quality touch screen computer that can be freely
used during opening hours.

Gemeindebau Lorystraße, Foto Bojan Schnabl
BWSG Hauffgasse, Foto von Zsolt Marton
NMS Enkplatz mit Baugrube und Tiefenbohrung und Rückseite des Bauzauns rechts oben., Foto Bojan Schnabl

Smart housing refurbishment

Drawing on subsidies, the BWSG housing estate and two municipal housing complexes are being refurbished in exemplary fashion using the latest technologies. The double middle school in Enkplatz 4 will be given four zero-energy gyms heated by geothermal and solar energy. All construction work had already progressed visibly in 2018. On this basis, Smarter Together joined forces with the eco-counselling organisation DIE UMWELTBERATUNG to organise “energy-saving cafés”. These events help tenants to improve their behaviour regarding energy use.

ICT 2018, Siegerfoto vom Hackathon
Vorplatz NMS Enkplatz, Foto von Zsolt Marton
Diskussionsrunde bei der Ausstellungseröffnung. v.l.n.r.: DI Gregor Puscher (Geschäftsführer des wohnfonds_wien), Dieter Groschopf (stellv. Geschäftsführer), Dr. Julia Girardi-Hoog (MA 25 – Smarter Together), SR DI Ernst Schlossnickel (Stadtbaudirektion Wien), Mag.a Doris Wirth (Geschäftsführerin Bluesave Consulting) DI Werner Auer (Bereichsleiter Sanierung wohnfonds_wien) und LtAbg. Dr. Kurt Stürzenbecher

To measure outcomes, an open-source data platform was set up and connected to the web. This FIWARE data platform compiles all data measured; the findings will be evaluated by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) until 2021. Principally, the data platform can be used free of charge by all units of the City of Vienna.

Sustainability Challenge, Kick-Off, © Daniel Schmelz, RCE Vienna
Graffiti Malaktion bei der S-Bahn Geiselbergstraße
Housing for All Konferenz, Foto von Zsolt Marton

Research co-operation with students

For the second academic year in a row, Smarter Together co-operated with “Sustainability Challenge”, a lecture series involving students of all four big universities of Vienna. 2017/2018 saw the implementation of a study on façade greening.

Approx. 6,000 participants were recorded at the “ICT Challenge” in December 2018. At this hackathon, ICT talent from all of Europe developed new apps over a 48-hour period on the
basis of the database – a resounding success.

For more information, consult, our newsletter and the social media.

See also the Annual Report of the Housing department here.

Zeichnung mit Wiener Motto "Yes we do it" von Kristof Braekeleire

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