Gaal/Franz: Stadt Wien startet neue Sanierungsoffensive „Wir SAN Wien“

„Wir SAN Wien“

Gaal/Franz: Stadt Wien startet neue Sanierungsoffensive „Wir SAN Wien“

Die Stadt Wien startet die neue Sanierungsoffensive „Wir SAN Wien“ sowie die Programme „WieNeu+“ in Favoriten und das Service „Hauskunft“ mit allen Infos rund ums Sanieren speziell für private Haus- oder Wohnungsbesitzer. Damit soll die Stadt in der Tradition der „sanften Stadterneuerung“ noch lebenswerter und vor allem klimafit werden.

Gerade mit WienNeu+ wird ein ganzes Grätzel zukunftsfit gemacht, wobei wieder die Bevölkerung intensiv eingebunden werden soll. Aber auch neue Themen und Chancen ergeben sich: mit der Kreislaufwirtschaft oder der geplanten Mehrfachnutzung der Remise.

Dazu steht in der Presseaussendung:
„Als erfolgreiches Pilotprojekt mit Vorbildwirkung diente das Projekt „Smarter Together – Gemeinsam g’scheiter“ in Simmering. Bei der von der EU geförderten Stadterneuerungsinitiative wurde ein Grätzl in Simmering aufgewertet.“

Zur Presseaussendung geht’s hier.

English Summary / Zusammenfassung in Englisch:

New Refrubishment Initiative in Vienna Refering to Smarter Together

The City of Vienna launches the new refurbishment initiative „Wir SAN Wien“ as well as the programmes „WieNeu+“ in the district of Favoriten and the service „Hauskunft“ with all information about refurbishment especially for private house or flat owners. The aim is to make the city even more liveable and, above all, climate-friendly in the tradition of „soft urban renewal“.

With WienNeu+ in particular, a whole area is being made fit for the future, with the population once again being intensively involved. But new topics and opportunities are also emerging: with the circular economy or the planned multiple use of the tram remise.

The press release says this:
„The project „Smarter Together – Gemeinsam g’scheiter“ in Simmering served as a successful pilot project with an exemplary effect. In the EU-funded urban renewal initiative, a neighbourhood in Simmering was upgraded“.

Click here for the press release in German.

Here is a working translation:

Kathrin Gáal/Marcus Franz: City of Vienna launches new refurbishment initiative „Wir SAN Wien“

Start for „WieNeu+“ in the district of Favoriten:  Whole district neighborhood become fit for the future – All information about renovation at „Hauskunft“.

Historic Wilhelminian-style districts with charm and affordable housing: this is what „Soft Urban Renewal“ has achieved for Vienna in recent decades. A lot has been achieved along this path. This is one reason why living and living in our city is so worth living in and hundreds of thousands of Viennese are living noticeably better today – while at the same time rents are affordable.

Renovation offensive „Wir SAN Wien“ brings the future into the houses of the city

„The City of Vienna continues to write this success story. We are now taking the next step and ushering in a new era of urban renewal. With the new redevelopment initiative ‚We SAN Vienna‘, we are making our city fit for the future and the climate for the coming decades. We are upgrading whole district area. This is about a better quality of life, affordable housing – and about bringing the future into the houses of our city“, says Kathrin Gáal, City Councillor for Women’s Affairs and Housing.

The focus is on the renewal of residential buildings and entire district areas (DE: Grätzl) over the coming decades. This is intended to maintain the quality of life in Vienna – also in view of the increasing heat in summer and climate change.

Under the motto „We SAN Vienna“, the City of Vienna is launching two new programmes: „WieNeu+“ and the new counselling centre „Hauskunft“.

With the programme „WieNeu+“ we are making a district area fit for the future and „WieNeu“. With ‚Hauskunft‘ we are creating a completely new contact point for all those who want to renovate houses in Vienna – with free advice,“ says Gaal. Together with Favoritens district manager Marcus Franz, residential building councillor Kathrin Gaal announces the start of the refurbishment initiative in the tenth district.

„WieNeu+“ starts in Favoritens: From 2021 Grätzl between Landgutgasse and Inzersdorfer Strasse will be fit for the future

The starting signal for the district are renewal programme „WieNeu+“ is in Favoriten. Around 35,000 people live in the area between Landgutgasse and Inzersdorfer Strasse, Laxenburger Strasse and Triester Strasse.

„WieNeu+ Innerfavoriten“ will upgrade an entire area. We are making the area between Landgutgasse and Laxenburger Strasse even more liveable – with renovations, area initiatives and new energy solutions. The residents have a say in the design of their living environment,“ says Gaal.

„I am particularly pleased that the start of the WieNeu+ refurbishment offensive is the district of Favoriten. Between Landgutgasse, Inzersdorfer Strasse, Laxenburger Strasse and Triesterstrasse – where around 35,000 people live – an entire neighbourhood is being upgraded – with the participation of the local population. The renovations, which include local renewable energy, photovoltaic systems and zero-energy solutions, mean a better quality of life for the district and its residents. So it is perfect that after Favoritenstrasse and Reumannplatz, our next major project will be Quellenplatz, which is located in this target area,“ says district leader Marcus Franz.

An important goal is to involve the population and local actors. The inhabitants of Grätzl, for example, should have a say in the project through a participatory budget.

„WieNeu+ Innerfavoriten“: Renovation, having a say and local area meeting places

Based on two block renovations of wohnfonds_wien already underway, the building stock in the „WieNeu+“ area Innerfavoriten is to be further developed. In the area between Landgutgasse and Inzersdorfer Straße, a total of six redevelopment projects with 127 flats are being redeveloped in a first step – and are currently being redeveloped or planned.

In the case of Tram-Remise Favoriten, Wiener Linien is currently examining operational modernisation options, multifunctional use and the refurbishment of existing residential buildings. Local renewable energy and photovoltaic systems are being considered.

With „WieNeu+ Innerfavoriten“, areas around Quellenplatz and Gudrunstraße are to be upgraded. Also planned: The „Circular City Wien Mobil“ – a pavilion made of reused building elements. As a public information hub, it will be a meeting point for Grätzl residents to exchange information and experience recycling (recycling of materials). Through a cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency, additional resources are available for the development of the local economy.

In the „WieNeu+“ area, the IBA_Wien project „G’mischter Block“ (Dampfgasse/Jagdgasse/Hasengasse/Siccardsburggasse) shows how a concept with added value for the residents and Grätzl can be developed from the dialogue with the owners. Where a garage still stands today, a multifaceted project with 75 flats, offices, a kindergarten and an event room will be created in the next few years. Rentable common rooms, also for external events, will enable neighbourly cooperation. This should create a new Grätzlt meeting place by 2022.

Area renewal with „WieNeu+“: More quality of life for district area

The new programme „WieNeu+“ is specifically tailored to the development of individual district area. „WieNeu+“ starts with the development of one district area . The aim is to create climate-adapted, sustainable and resource-saving living conditions for the residents. In addition, measures in the public space and new initiatives and ideas from residents and local businesses play an important role.

Actors from different areas will work together. Solutions for the future are to be implemented. One focus will be on the recycling economy, i.e. the reuse of raw materials. Over the next ten years (2021-2030), the City of Vienna plans to make several Grätzl sites climate and future-proof step by step.

The project „Smarter Together – Gemeinsam g’scheiter“ in Simmering served as a successful pilot project with a model effect. In the EU-funded urban renewal initiative, a district area in Simmering was upgraded.

„Hauskunft“ opens on 1 October: Free renovation consultation in Vienna

„We give ‚home visits‘ from 1 October. With the „Hauskunft. Die Sanierungsberatung für Häuser mit Zukunft“ („Hauskunft, Refurbishment Advice for Buildings with Future“) is the start of a free advice centre for all those who want to renovate houses. Place of the counselling centre is the forum of wohnfonds_wien in Schmidgasse 3 (Josefstadt).

„Subsidised house refurbishment is to be intensified in the coming years, but above all it is to be further developed. What is completely new, however, is that with the ‚Hauskunft‘ we now offer a free counselling service to all owners who want to renovate their house“, emphasises Gregor Puscher, managing director of wohnfonds_wien.

As a new central counselling centre, the Hauskunft provides support from the beginning of the refurbishment to the end – and that with free and independent advice. The aim: The refurbishment counselling service is to make it as easy as possible for all owners in Vienna to refurbish their houses and flats. The City of Vienna is developing new service packages in cooperation with numerous partners and with EU funding in the „RenoBooster“ project. The housing fund and environmental counselling services work together. The „Hauskunft“ team is available for telephone or personal counselling.

It starts in October with a focus on free orientation advice for renovation projects at the beginning of planning.

Home information: forum wohnfonds_wien, Schmidgasse 3 / Lenaugasse, 1080 Vienna. […]

„Wir SAN Wien“ is the future of urban regeneration

The City of Vienna has more than 40 years of experience in the field of house refurbishment and district area development with the model of „Gentle Urban Renewal“, the instrument block refurbishment of wohnfonds_wien and the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB*) as a service institution for local residents. With the THEWOSAN funding (thermal-energetic housing refurbishment) the City of Vienna has been actively pursuing climate protection for years.

In the past ten years alone, around 1,500 subsidised housing refurbishment projects with around 61,500 flats were completed. The total construction costs of around € 2.1 billion invested in these projects were subsidised to the tune of more than € 1.2 billion (of which approx. 1/3 as a state loan, 2/3 as a grant). The subsidised renovation of residential buildings saves around 379,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The City of Vienna is taking the next step with its „Wir SAN Wien“ refurbishment offensive and launching the urban renewal of the future. The focus here is on the renewal of residential buildings and entire districts over the next decades. This is intended to maintain the high quality of life in Vienna – also in view of the increasing heat in summer and climate change.


Stadt Wien, RK 16.9.2020, Intro + Übers. Bojan Schnabl