Final Report of Smarter Together Vienna online!

Final Report with a Vision und Method

One step ahead of the future!

After five intensive years of conception, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project itself, the Final Report of „Smarter Together “ in Vienna 2016-2021 is now available online.

A foreword by Mayor Michael Ludwig and Deputy Mayor Kathrin Gaál presents the larger framework to which „[the] dedicated team of Smarter Together [has] consistently realized [the] project mission in a partnership-based and at the same time creative manner.“

The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor further emphasize that „[it is] the holistic approach to urban renewal practiced in Vienna that has made Vienna one of the most liveable cities and also makes it more resilient to the often global challenges. […] For decades, Vienna has pursued a responsible climate policy, especially in housing, and now has the necessary tools to actively manage the climate crisis together with the people. And also the Covid-19 crisis has shown that social respectively subsidized housing gives people security and confidence in the future despite all challenges.“

For Michael Ludwig and Kathrin Gaál, the „final report now available […] shows the potential of a co-creative processes in which high technology, business, innovative city administration and people’s participation complement each other.“

Smarter Together in Vienna uniquely combines vision and method, where the numerous technologically and socially highly sophisticated projects convey shared values. For it is only through the values, the vision, that individual projects become sustainable processes. This is precisely why the City of Vienna’s clear claim to leadership in the implementation of the project was so valuable, as the results of Smarter Together also testify. This is confirmed by all project partners and is also clearly shown by the graphic of the project tree, which also reflects the incredible commitment of all those involved.

Stephan Hartmann, project manager of Smarter Together in Vienna, sums it up as follows in his article „Together one step ahead of the future“:

„Five years after the start of the project, Smarter Together and its findings are having an impact far beyond the borders of the participating cities, and yet it was always also deeply anchored locally, precisely because it placed local people and the common ground at the center of its considerations and activities.“

With his „thanks to all […], the people involved in the project from the city administration, research and private sector who have faced the challenges of our time within the framework of this EU project are also to be brought before the curtain above all. A technically demanding smart city project has thus become a broadly supported, comprehensive project for the future. The publication is thus also an acknowledgement and thanks to all those who have participated in Smarter Together.“

The final report is now available online for download as a PDF publication. In addition, individual „facts, figures, data“ and „factsheets“ on individual projects and program approaches have been posted separately online as a collection of individual sheets.

The final report and the collection of individual sheets can be downloaded on the subpage „Final report and factsheets“.

Smarter Together Vienna, Project tree
Smarter Together Project tree

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